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If you’ve ever bought a couch, you know how difficult it is to get it into your living room. The door will almost certainly not be wide enough, but that’s a difficult problem to resolve – realistically, you’re not going to widen the door frame to get the sofa through it.

Fortunately, you won’t have a problem as far as Nabru self-assembly sofas are concerned. We supply flat-pack models that easily fit through most normal doors, and it’s then a simple task to put them together. If you need any help, our delivery drivers are ready and willing to assist you. It’s much easier than it might appear!

If your sofa is a non-flat pack version and you need to fit it through a door whole, there are several things you can do to make your job slightly easier.

Measure the width of the door

This feels like an obvious suggestion, but you wouldn’t believe how many people fail to check that the sofa can actually fit through the door frame by measuring both beforehand. This will tell you whether the sofa you’re buying can actually fit in the room but also provide insight into the technique you might be able to use to get it through the door (by turning it or disassembling parts to make the main frame smaller, for example).

Remove the cushions

You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference can be made by simply removing the sofa cushions. Because they tend to protrude past the limit of the frame of the sofa, they can catch on the door frame and make the job that much more difficult in the process. Pile them up out of the way to be brought in later.

Remove the legs (if possible)

A lot of problems (in life, as well as in sofa moving) can be solved by changing the angle you come at them from. If you can remove the legs of the sofa (not all models will allow you to do so), it should be possible to turn it so that the back is flat to the floor and carry it through the door that way – you should have more space to work with.

Take the door off its hinges

If you’re confident in your ability to take the door off its hinges and then reattach it, you could give yourself an extra half inch or so to manoeuvre the sofa into the room. It doesn’t sound like much, but it could make all the difference.

Try the window

Sometimes you have to think outside the box – in this case, that’s almost literal advice. If the room you’re trying to access has a large window that can be fully opened, and the sofa would fit through it, try taking it outside and bringing it in that way. However, this technique only really works if you’re on the ground floor!

Any of these techniques should make it much easier for you to fit a couch through a door. You’re not limited to using one – you may need to use several to solve this particular problem. Once you’ve got the sofa in, though, the ordeal will be over…until you move out.



Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at today.

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