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How Every Room In Your House Can Accommodate A Nabru Sofa


As soon as we move into a house, we want to make it our own. This can take a lot of patience and of course a lot of expense. You might not even get it right first time. Making the home snug and secure and with your own identity on it can take one or two failed attempts, a few minor fallouts and a lot of rifling through home improvement magazines. And while you can over-analyse these things and adopt a detailed obsession with Feng Shui, the crux of the issue is that you just want to feel comfortable in every room – so put a sofa in it.

It’s tempting to leave this article there; job done. But let me explain. A sofa can serve a number of purposes and can be adapted for different rooms. Of course your living room sofa is the major investment and the one you will spend most of your time on. But a sofa can be a nice place to have breakfast and read the Sunday papers, where the kids sit to put on their school shoes or do their homework, where the family gather while you’re cooking tea, or where you socialise on an evening when friends come round for a meal.

2 seat sofa

Can I fit a smaller sofa in every room?

When many people think of a sofa, they think of a huge corner sofa or a three or four seater sofa that dominates a room and becomes a centrepiece in terms of how you decorate or stylise a room. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

An affordable, quality sofa can be for occasional use in the kitchen, conservatory or dining room. This can be a two-seater sofa or a discreet chaise sofa. Even the master bedroom might benefit from an armchair, a neat two-seater or an armless sofa; somewhere you can relax with a facial or some indulgent health and beauty. There are sofas of every size and shape you can think of, so never assume a sofa won’t fit in your room somehow.

Why a sofabed might be the answer

Elsewhere in the house, you might have a home office or a kids’ playroom, and these are perfect for sofabeds. The sofa gets occasional use and is certainly great for the kids while they are playing, but then the room can be multi-purpose and tidied up to provide the perfect weekend guest room. Sofabeds are great quality, robust and comfortable and built for extended, long-term use, so any room in the house that can accommodate a sofabed and become an occasional guest room, helps make the house your own.

2 seat sofa bed

The bathroom? Okay, I’m struggling a bit with that one, but we’re always open to pushing the boundaries at Nabru. There is no law to stop you using a sofa while you pamper yourself or get dressed in the bathroom, and there are certainly plenty of options size-wise that will fit. So get in touch if you have a sofa in the bathroom and especially if that means you have ticked every box and can show us a photo of a sofa in every room in the house!

Author: Iain Cowsill

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