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Furnishing Your Home With Budget-Friendly Sofas


Whatever state the property market is currently in, buying a house is expensive, and furnishing a house from scratch can be a real challenge of your budgeting and interior design skills. It is increasingly difficult for first-time buyers to get a foot on the property ladder, and so with deposits, estate agents and legal fees to pay for, furnishing the home often comes down to an exercise in thrift, minimalist living and amateur DIY. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way.

Of course when you move into a new home, you might have dreams of fitting a new kitchen or a bathroom suite, but quite often you need to exercise some patience, and those plans need to go on the backburner while you concentrate on the bare essentials. That is usually beds, wardrobes, kitchen tables and the good old sofa.

How to choose an affordable sofa

But while these are essential purchases, it is important not to panic and to take your time with these decisions, particularly as, presumably, you don’t have a lot of cash to spare and you can’t afford to waste it.

Even though you are on a tight budget, this doesn’t mean you can’t plan things out and work on a colour scheme to match décor with furniture, furnishings and accessories. It is important to have a vision of what you want for different rooms in the home and to plan ahead in stages. So the colour scheme you go for in the living room might not work with the décor as it is now, but it will in a few months’ time when you have unpacked all the boxes and got around to painting it.

A sofa is an investment, even if it is a relatively cheap one. A Nabru sofa can fit in any room and is transferrable for when you next move home, so you need to think carefully about quality versus price, and you can certainly get a great deal on a robust and durable sofa at Nabru that will last you several years.

Looking for a budget-friendly sofa? Take a look at our Lear 2 seater sofa.

lear 2 seat sofa - budget friendly

Good quality self-assembly sofas

Because our sofas are put together by you in your own home, this saves on significant labour costs during the manufacturing process, but rather than take bigger profits ourselves, we pass this saving on to you the customer. This means that you can get the same quality of sofa for a fraction of the price at Nabru, compared to a competitor, and you may therefore be able to afford a bigger sofa than you first expected, on the same budget you had before.

And just because you are buying a cheaper sofa on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t make a bold statement. The choice of textiles and colours in the Nabru range mean you can make a feature out of your budget sofa and invest in a centrepiece for the room. You can then accessorise on a budget elsewhere in the room, with mirrors, cushions, lampshades or lights that suitably match the sofa.

Self-assembly sofas are the key to furnishing a home on a budget and are conclusive proof that you can buy quality and enhance the home if you are prepared to apply some DIY. But most importantly, a self-assembly sofa allows you control over colour schemes and interior furnishings, and allows you to make important decisions for today and for the future.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at www.nabru.co.uk today.

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