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First Time Buyer Sofas – Our Must-Haves


First-time buyers have a hard enough time simply getting on the property ladder, without then having the stress and expense of furnishing their home. In recent times, an increase in property prices way ahead of inflation, coupled with a shortage of supply in the housing market, has made it very challenging for young people to secure their first home. But even when they finally manage to do that, the tough decisions don’t end there.

Getting the keys to your first home is a milestone achievement, but making that home liveable can often be an exercise in thrifty living, compromise and extreme patience. You can’t always get what you want when you want it, so you often have to save some money or settle for something slightly cheaper. However, it is important to remember that ‘going cheap’ is not always the answer, certainly with an investment like a sofa.

To furnish a new home with just the basics you will need kitchen appliances, dining furniture, a bed and of course a sofa, as a bare minimum. But as a first time buyer, while hunting out a bargain might be the obvious thing to do when you are faced with a tight budget, often it pays to plan ahead and invest wisely.

first time buyer sofas

What does a first-time buyer need in a sofa?

Ultimately, a sofa needs to be hard-wearing and practical, it needs to be multi-purpose and it needs to last you a long time, because you can’t afford to be replacing it every five years. For this reason, Nabru is the perfect place to shop for a first time buyer, because we combine affordability with practical, durable, hard-wearing sofas that are designed to last a lifetime.

While you are sofa shopping for yourself primarily, you also need to think about your lifestyle and your future plans. How often do you entertain friends? Are you planning on starting a family? Or do you already have one? Do you have any pets living with you, or do you plan to?

These decisions will all dictate what kind of fabric you go for and of course how big the sofa is. You will need a fabric that is durable but practical, and it needs to be maintenance-free. You will probably opt for a standard sofa with a rigid back, rather than a scatterback sofa, because this retains its look and requires less ‘maintenance’. You could opt for matching armchairs if the size of your living room doesn’t suit a sofa, or you could fit in a neat two-seater sofa with a matching armchair for guests?

Nabru sofas ideal for a first-time buyer

We have a range of three-seater sofas which are perfect for snuggling up, but can also accommodate a third person when someone is round. These sofas don’t dominate the room as much as you think, but don’t forget you also have to think about décor and colour schemes, maybe not as it is today, but how you want it in the future. You might alternatively fancy an investment in a corner sofa to suit the size of the room, if you are really planning ahead and expect your home to become a family home soon enough.

In terms of a multi-purpose purchase, many first time buyers opt for a sofa-bed. These are ideal if you don’t have the luxury of a spare room, but want friends or relatives to come around and stay, and our range of sofa-beds really are a practical solution that are built to last.

Buying for now is always the temptation when you are setting up your new home, but certainly in terms of your sofa, you need to look ahead at least five years and invest for the future. At Nabru we can help you decide with practical advice and pointers on the cost-effective ways of furnishing your first home. This is an exciting time and there is nothing better than an investment in a Nabru sofa to help you celebrate.

Author: Iain Cowsill

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