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Family room furniture


Family room furniture

Choosing family room furniture can be very difficult. After all, there are so many factors to consider, including the age of your children, how much mess they tend to make, what their favourite activities are and whether you’ll use the room for entertaining your own guests. The standard decisions for selecting furniture still apply. You’ll need to agree on the right colour, as well as the right size and shape for sofas, coffee tables, and storage units. With all this to consider, it’s no wonder that finding family room furniture sets can be nigh on impossible. Nabru understand how difficult the hunt can be, and aim to make it as simple as possible.

Getting the sofa right may be the most important part of furnishing your family room. The sofa will be where countless family memories will be made – it tends to be where kids divulge information about fights with friends, where parents get let in on school gossip, and where boyfriends and girlfriends become accepted into the family. The sofa is also likely to be depicted in countless photos over the years, so aside from being comfortable for daily use, it should look just right among your other sitting room furniture.

Every family is different, and has different needs. That’s why Nabru offer the option to design your own sofa at no extra cost. You can choose from over 75 different fabrics to ensure that your sofa is colour coordinated with the rest of your sitting room. If you have messy little monsters, you may prefer a fabric which can easily be wiped clean; if your children are young adults, this may be less of a concern. House pets are also worth thinking about when selecting a fabric.

Another consideration is whether your family will be changing size. If you’re planning on having more children, or even already have one on the way, it’s likely that you’ll want to be able to extend your sofa. We ensure that this is possible with our bespoke sofas. Similarly, if your children are nearing the age when they’ll fly the nest, it may be worth having the option of shortening the sofa when they leave; a lengthy sofa taking up the majority of the room could end up being a waste of useful space.

Whatever your family room furniture requirements, we’re sure we can help! Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you select or design your next sofa.

Family Room Sofa

Author: Iain Cowsill

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