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How Easy Is It To Assemble A Nabru Sofa?


You will know by now that a Nabru sofa will fit anywhere and we have tales of delivering sofas to all manner of weird and wonderful places as proof of that. You may also have heard that our self-assembly sofas are easy to assemble, but you might take a bit more convincing on that one.

Of course it is easy for us to say that our sofas are a doodle to put together, but many people are put off by self-assembly or don’t have the skills, time or patience for it. However, we are here to convince you that it really is easy, you don’t need any skills (or tools) and you don’t really need much time either.

So how do you assemble a Nabru sofa?

self assembly sofas

There is no requirement for tools or extra screws or bolts with a Nabru sofa, our genius modular design ensures that the separate components fit together with a simple bit of lining up and some gentle force. If we can’t convince you then maybe our one minute instructional video will help? This is a handy visual guide that strips the whole process down to the bare essentials, but that is all there is to it; bare essentials and a simple task of around one hour on average.

  • Check you have all your component parts and sufficient space
  • Click together the base parts and support struts to form your base frame
  • Fit the covers on the arms (where arms are applicable) and slot the arms into place on the base
  • Fit the covers on the support boards and then fit these onto the back of the base frame
  • Add the seat board to the seat cushions and fit the cushions on the sofa
  • Sit back and relax

Do I need DIY experience to assemble a Nabru sofa?

You don’t need any DIY experience to assemble a Nabru sofa, there is nothing that can go wrong. If you assembled these sofas regularly, it would take you about ten minutes to completely build the sofa, but of course this is a task you only want to do once, although you can disassemble the sofa just as easily in the event that you are moving home and wish to take the sofa with you.

What is also easy is adding customisation like a chaise section or even a sofabed. This might take you a little longer, but the simple, systematic process is the same.

Like most DIY tasks, you might find it easier to have someone with you just to help locate slots or to keep a section steady, but the lightweight components mean you can quite easily carry out the assembly task yourself. And of course, if self-assembly really isn’t your thing, but you love the look of our sofas, then we have an assembly service that you can arrange to do all the work for you. Find out more about how to assemble a Nabru sofa.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at today.

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