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Double Your Living Space


Clear the clutter

The number one reason why many people don’t have much living space is because they have given it away to clutter. Look around your rooms. Unknowingly, you have probably built up piles of clutter, while telling yourself they are organised piles that you ‘need.’ Be brutal and throw out everything and anything, keep items that are only absolutely necessary and try to move your reading materials from paper to screen opting for a reading tablet and online magazines. You may shudder at the idea of ditching your books but you will save so much space in the meantime.

Utilise awkward spaces

Many people have rooms that they consider unusable due to low ceilings, awkward entrances or where they are located such as cupboards under the stairs. However these can be transformed with custom built storage furniture and cabinetry which can see these become invaluable storage spaces. Some can even become part of your living space with the right furniture. Visit your local built in furniture specialist and ask them to come out to see your awkward space. Nine times out of ten they will come up with a clever idea which means you can use it rather than forgetting about it.
Built in storagePhoto Credit: Adam Selwood

Use storage furniture

If you need to increase your living space there is one rule to follow when buying furniture. Buy only if you can hide things in it! Storage furniture is the answer to so many problems and can be found everywhere.


The divan bed is the perfect example of a great way to seamlessly store your belongings with easy access.


When buying a bed, make sure you go for one which has multiple draws and throw everything in. It is that simple really. They look nice, many have the option of colour-coded drawers now so you can eliminate the need for a valance and are so reasonable to buy.


Coffee tables can also be an excellent way to hide clutter without people actually knowing. Many come with drawers underneath so those piles of magazines and multiple remote controls can be stowed away to free up much needed space.
Built in storagePhoto Credit: Ken Doerr

Splash out on built in wardrobes

These can be absolute lifesavers for anyone who is space challenged. Floor to ceiling, stylish wardrobes can not only hide clothes but also all those ‘getting in the way’ things that you have no idea where to put. By opting for light colours in high gloss materials you can actually give the illusion of opening up a room while still having a huge amount of space behind to play with. They trump stand alone furniture because every bit of space on a wall can be utilised, however tricky you think the area is. Stand-alone furniture can make a room feel enclosed and suffocating while offering far less storage space.

Author: Iain Cowsill

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