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Double Bed-Size Sofabeds: Our Top 5


Long gone are the days when spending the night with your partner on a friend’s sofabed filled you with a sense of dread. Rolling into each other all night, squeaky springs digging in your back and simply not enough space for the pair of you; those are the classic problems that have historically tainted the name of double sofabeds. But Nabru are here to turn that all on its head.

Quality sofabeds

Using detailed design, quality manufacture and all the very best materials, we have worked on our sofabeds range to now offer a vast variety of sofabeds that are not only compatible with just about any space restrictions or room configuration, but also offer supreme comfort and durability of use both as a sofa and as a bed.

Our double sofabeds measure a generous 145cm across, ample room as a normal double bed. The sofabeds feature an easy-to-set-up three-fold metal mechanism with a sprung polypropylene base and a PU foam mattress for extra comfort. The seat back from the sofa drops down to provide a suitable headboard on all our double sofabeds, but we should make you aware that when measuring your available space, you should remember to measure from the back of this headboard right out to the foot of the bed, when it is extended. These are the extremity of the measurements you will need space for.

The best double bed-sized sofabeds

So we’ve told you all about our double bed-sized sofabeds, now which ones do we recommend? Well it’s a tough choice, because they are all made using the same standards of quality, design detail and materials and they all offer the same comfort, durability and versatility. But if pushed, these are our top five:

  1. Alda 2-seat Double bed – A neat and compact sofabed that is adaptable for use in the living room, but also in a home office, kid’s playroom or spare room. The ingenious design of this sofabed provides a small sofa, but a spacious double bed.


  1. Holl 2-seat Chaise Double – Imagine having all the benefits of a sofabed, but allowing yourself the indulgence of a chaise sofa too? That amazing scenario is possible with this sofabed product, where the chaise element is cleverly designed to adapt to a bed with ease, just like all our sofabed designs.
  2. Sui 2-seat Double – This is a great-looking sofa that can be an eye-catching feature of your living room or any room, but also allows you to double this up as a guest room. With contemporary shape and styling, this is a solid and durable design with wooden feet that will supplement any room in the house.
  3. Tor 4 x 3 Corner Double – We’re now looking at the luxury end of our sofabed range with this large double bed which can accommodate the whole family as a feature sofa, and amply provide a comfortable nights’ sleep for friends or relatives. While other sofabeds are versatile for use in different rooms, due to its size, this one is typically only suitable for a living room.
  4. Lear Armless 4 x 4 Double – Armless sofas are becoming more and more popular as people seek the extra indulgent feature of being able to spread their feet out a few more inches, or maybe the extra little bit of space that the armless end gives you is enough to fit some other items in your room? The beauty of this sofabed is that you can decide which end you want the armless end on, so there is absolutely no excuse for getting your critical measurements wrong, and this wonderful sofa definitely WILL be able to fit in your room.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at www.nabru.co.uk today.