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To Chaise Or Not To Chaise – Our Top Tips


The emergence of sectional and modular sofas has opened up a world of possibilities for those who love the sheer indulgence of a well-designed sofa, and who like to adapt a design to suit a particular space or a practical need. Nabru’s facility to design your own sofa opens all this up to you, and you can add and remove component parts and additional features as you see fit, but even in our standard range we have variations on designs that offer different possibilities and the ‘chaise’ option is one of our most popular.

chaise in lavender

Of course, the traditional chaise longue is an upholstered, long, single-seated sofa with an arm or back – depending on which angle you are looking at it from – along one side only. This type of chaise is a classic period piece of furniture that was popular in France in the 17th century, but actually dates back to Roman times and even ancient Greece. It has always been a symbol of opulence and luxurious comfort, while the chaise option that Nabru can offer is the extension of a seated section of a sofa to enable one person to really stretch out in extreme comfort.

After a long day, one of the first things on your mind is to get on the sofa, and the chaise option is a great feature that you may well be fighting over. But this is a feature that is not necessarily for everyone. So let us tell you all about it and weigh up the pros and cons, or essentially, let’s consider the question; to chaise or not to chaise:


  • In simple terms, a chaise section offers luxurious comfort and the ability to really stretch out to enjoy a film or to read a book of an evening.
  • If visitors pop round unexpectedly the chaise section can be used as an emergency chair for someone who otherwise wouldn’t fit on the sofa.
  • A chaise section can be used as a makeshift bed for a poorly child who needs looking after, or can be used as a last-minute overnight bed for someone where there are no other options.
  • With the modular system used by Nabru, you can adapt the position of the chaise section to suit your individual room, and can also go armless on the one side that suits your room best, to create a few more critical inches.


  • Obviously you need some space for a chaise sofa, and while the chaise section is not overly extended, in some rooms it might be more practical to use a foot stool or a pouf.
  • Again, although the chaise end of a sofa is not huge, it may restrict your options in terms of flexibility in a room and how you can rearrange your furniture. The chaise sofa might only ever work in one position, and that means you can never change your room layout.
  • Laying on a sofa with outstretched legs for any length of time may affect your posture if you have a history of back issues. Adopting this position for a couple of hours could become painful to some people, although, obviously, you can move to a different section of the sofa, but it may limit the appeal of this type of sofa to some families.

Hopefully we have opened your eyes to the flexibility of the chaise sofa and perhaps some of the issues with this design. The beauty of it is, Nabru offer the chaise as merely an option. It is something we would strongly recommend if you want some luxury and indulgence in your life, but equally, there are plenty of sofa options in our range that can suit your needs perfectly, should the chaise not be the feature for you.

Author: Iain Cowsill

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