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Buying a Nabru sofa for your TV room


Are you looking for a sofa for your TV room? If so, Nabru is the perfect choice for your home. With over 75 fabrics to choose from, you can create a bespoke sofa that works perfectly for your space. This includes adding extra storage underneath your sofa, choosing between five different arm options, and deciding what seating options to go for.

sofa for home theatre

Our self-assembly sofas are custom-made to your specific requirements, meaning your TV room really will stand out as unique. One of the greatest considerations you will no doubt have to make is about the comfort level. The sofa for your TV room needs to be right for you, the goal is to truly relax and unwind. Comfort is essential. All Nabru sofas are super comfy, and you can also enhance this with the ‘soft seating’ option. This will have you sinking into your new sofa and never wanting to get up again. On the other hand, if a more supportive seat is your preference then we have this covered too.  Nabru prides itself on creating comfortable sofas that people actually enjoy sitting on – and what’s the point of having a sofa if it isn’t pleasant to use? To find out more about our numerous seating options click here.

Do you have restricted access?

If you’re worried about access restrictions, then don’t worry. All Nabru sofas come flat-pack and slot together without any tools and screws. This also means if you move house, it is easy to take your Nabru sofa with you. It’s always worth keeping hold of the instruction manual though so you can remember how it all fits together! Don’t worry if not – we’re always here to help. If you purchase a Nabru sofa and want to change your colour scheme afterwards, a huge bonus is that you can also order new fabric for your existing sofa. This saves you money on buying a whole new sofa, and makes it easy to change your design aesthetic. You can also remove the covers if you want to wash them.

To watch a Nabru sofa being put together, take a look at this short video:

Ultimately, with any Nabru sofa, once it is built all you need to do is put your feet up and relax. Our chaise extension seats are a popular option, as are our corner sofas, as these allow for the ultimate sofa experience. As you can custom-design your Nabru sofa, you can also pick whichever sizing works best for your room. This is a unique option that you’ll rarely find with other sofa manufacturers and means you don’t have to sacrifice your dream sofa if there isn’t room. Additionally, if you move house, you can also order extra parts to change the design of your sofa to suit your new space. This means a truly versatile piece that will evolve with you and your family, and that won’t cost you the earth to buy.