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Is building a flat pack sofa difficult?


Some people think that building a flat pack sofa will be a complex and time-consuming process. This isn’t the case when building a Nabru flat pack sofa. All our sofas are straight forward to build when following our step by step instructions, you will be sat on your comfy new sofa within minutes.

Building your own sofa has many advantages, these are just some of the benefits:

Guaranteed to fit

You don’t have to worry about squeezing it through a doorway or difficult access points such as a winding staircase or petit loft hatch. Many modular sofas come in sections which clip, bolt or slot together.  You can customise every piece so that you get exactly what you want with zero compromises. It’s easy to order replacement parts rather than having to junk the whole sofa.

Still super comfy

Some think that buying a flat pack sofa means cheap and cheerful. With over 12 years manufacturing experience we have developed a unique product which is well designed for the long haul. We supply strong/sturdy sofas, corner sofas and sofa beds which don’t compromise on comfort. In fact, we are confident in saying that when you are sitting on the sofa you would never know it came self-assembly.


Due to the fact you need to build the sofa yourself, this means it will be cheaper than your typical high street sofas. With our high experience with manufacturing flat pack furniture and the fact all our products are made in Uxbridge (West London) we offer very competitive prices which are sure to be kind on your bank balance.

Nabru Sofas (and to be honest, most self-assembly furniture) is designed with the average person in mind. If you can build a simple Lego set, you can build our sofas.

self-assembly sofas

Our sofas have less pieces for one thing! And like Lego, no tools are required. Everything just clicks together.