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Armless Sofas For Smaller Spaces


Interior room design can stand or fall on how you balance items, and that so often comes down to what space you have available. Items such as a sofa will inevitably dominate a room, but you don’t want it to overshadow a lamp, or a table or some wall art, for example. These things deserve to be appreciated in their own right. So how do you achieve that balance? Sometimes it is by making a compromise, and allowing yourself the indulgence of making a key design change to still allow you to accomplish the same thing, and the armless sofa is a great example of that.

armless sofas

When designing a room, space and cost are the main considerations, and the armless sofa is a design solution that can help in both respects. At Nabru we have a vast range of design-your-own sofas where the option of ‘going armless’ can make a huge difference. We can offer armless chairs, two-seater sofas, three-seater sofas and corner sofas of all sizes and orientations. The key is that you can choose which arm you want to take off, or you could take both off. But you are in control and able to adapt the design to suit your individual requirements.

The benefits of an armless sofa

The armless sofa may allow you to push it right up to a wall, or those extra few inches might allow you to stand an elegant floor lamp next to it, or it might provide some space to properly showcase the painting you bought for the wall. With the extra space provided by the armless chair or sofa, comes less cost. Invariably, the labour and materials saved by not having an arm is passed on to you, and at a time when you are re-designing your room, any cost saving is welcome.

While space and cost are the key benefits of the armless chair or sofa, it also adds some versatility. You may have the option of re-arranging your furniture every few months if you fancy a change, or there are seasonal benefits to being close to or away from doors or windows. You may also be able to change the angle of the sofa or even move it into a different room altogether, such as the kids’ playroom, or a study or spare bedroom, now that it doesn’t take up as much space. The armless option also allows you to fit more into a room, so maybe that nest of tables or the magazine rack will make a nice accompaniment?

How an armless sofa can improve your living room

Of course the physical space saved with an armless chair or sofa is a significant benefit, but when we talk about creating ‘balance’ in a room, we also need to think about visual space. An arm may not seem bulky, but when it is not there the room appears cleaner, sleeker and less cluttered. It opens up space in the mind also, and creates a more appeased and orderly ambience, which is so often an important factor in a living room, when trying to create a peaceful and restful place.

A final benefit of the armless chair or sofa is that it is less restrictive and has a more inviting appearance, so the guest who is making a fleeting visit might feel more inclined to take a perch and stop for a chat. But in essence, it provides a warmth and an openness that welcomes people with a visual appeal, and that is exactly what you want in your living room design. Check out our armless chair and sofa range at Nabru and make a cost-effective decision to add space and versatility to your home.


Author: Iain Cowsill

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