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5 Fun Sofa Facts To Impress Your Friends and Family


If you’re looking for some fun sofa facts then try these. As sofa enthusiasts, we might be a little more impressed than others, but we think these are some of the best fun sofa facts to impress your friends and family. Here goes:

We’re All Sofa Squatters!

Did you know we spend on average 4hours a day on the sofa? That’s enough of a reason to make sure we have a super comfy and long-lasting sofa. Invest in a good sofa and it will be well worth it.

Strong and Sturdy

Now, we don’t recommend this, but the average sofa can withstand children jumping up and down on it 587 times. Sofas are designed to hold varying weights and withstand a decent level of force, but we don’t suggest you go ahead and test its limits any time soon; you’d probably rather keep your sofa in as tip-top condition for as long as possible.

TV and More TV

It is estimated that we spend an average of 24hrs a week watching TV so we need a good sofa to help us fulfil those epic levels of TV watching. Given that most people now have a TV in their bedroom and kitchen too, it’s no surprise that we’re watching more TV than ever before.

watching tv

Sofa Spillages

We might all like a glass of wine on the sofa after a long day but did you know that sofas are subjected to frequent mishaps that can add up to over 1,600 spillages in a sofa’s lifetime. Best make sure you keep that sofa cleaned regularly to look after it – chocolate and wine stains can be the hardest to remove but the right fabric cleaning kit will take care of that.

Money Pit

It’s surprising just how much money we can end up losing down the sofa. The occasional £1 coin soon adds up and recent stats show that Brits lose an estimated £155m down the back of the sofa each year. Of course, the good thing is that losing your money this way means it’s never really ‘lost’. Why? Because when you have a rummage down there and find your loose change it’s like a mini payday all at once 😊

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Author: Iain Cowsill

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