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10 Very Valid Reasons Why A Small Sofa Is Always Better


Sofas are a classic example of bigger not always being better, and there are plenty of ways we can prove it. At Nabru we love the smaller sofa and the options it offers you, and while the quality and workmanship that goes into your sofa is exactly the same whatever shape or size it is, the smaller sofa certainly opens up a world of opportunity. So here’s ten reasons why a small sofa is better:

  1. Fits in small spaces

Okay, let’s start with the obvious one, although this point isn’t as straightforward as it looks. Yes, a small sofa will fit in a smaller room, but it also allows for better space utilisation, ie. maybe with a smaller sofa you can also fit in that armchair you’ve had your eye on? Or you can go for a bigger coffee table that would make more practical sense for you?

  1. Cozy

A small sofa allows you to get cozy in a smaller space and maybe enjoy some privacy and ‘alone’ time. You can feel warmer on a small sofa and snuggle up in a ball to watch some TV, have a read and deal with your hangover or a nasty bout of flu. A smaller sofa is exclusively yours. Unless……

  1. Romantic

You can also choose to share your smaller sofa with a loved one. Rather than spreading out on a four-seater corner sofa designed for the whole family and shouting across the room to each other, you can cuddle up together and enjoy the more intimate confines of the smaller sofa.


  1. Easier to integrate

A small sofa is versatile in that it can be used in various different rooms. A large sofa is typically what you would go for in a communal living room, but a small sofa would also work in a guest room, a dining room, a conservatory or even the kitchen. As the sofa is smaller it is not as dominant, so the overall style of a room is not excessively influenced by the sofa.

  1. Extended lifespan

You are more likely to get an extended lifespan out of a smaller sofa, because if you want a change in your living room it is quite common to downsize a smaller sofa to another room. Maybe it is now suitable for use in the summer house or conservatory? Or in the kid’s bedroom? A smaller sofa still has a lot of love to give, and Nabru sofas are certainly built to last, even if you want to refresh the style in your living room with a new one.

  1. A sofabed too?

It is far easier to make a smaller sofa a sofabed if you need the space to make an occasional guest room. While sofabeds can be four or five-seater sofas and even corner sofas, it is far more common for them to come from a smaller sofa, as obviously you need extra space for when the bed is extended for use, and not all living rooms have that luxury of space.

  1. Change a room layout

A smaller sofa offers you far more licence to change a room’s layout if you fancy a change every few months. You can adapt a room to move coffee tables, TVs or armchairs, and a small sofa allows you to do that, where a five-seater chaise sofa most likely won’t.

  1. Accessorise

All the space you have saved with a small sofa allows you to accessorise. Your partner might wince at the thought of all that lovely space immediately being eaten up, but floor lamps, coffee tables, a nest of tables, plants, TV stands or even a feature fireplace are all now options you can look at.

  1. Two sofas

It’s a pretty simple equation, but essentially, instead of one big sofa you can now have two smaller sofas, possibly anyway. If you fancy testing your design skills you can get two matching small sofas but with different colours or fabrics, to allow yourself some artistic freedom in designing the rest of the room.

  1. Visualise

Finally, getting a smaller sofa allows you to visualise a room. If you are just moving into a home or in the middle of a major redecoration project, when the room is empty it is easier to visualise what you can do to accessorise or design a room knowing that a small sofa will soon be in place. Trying to visualise a room with a large sofa is far more difficult, and hence, can often hamper your creative thinking.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at www.nabru.co.uk today.