Common Questions About Assembly

Delivery & Assembly Questions


Q1. We are worried about whether the sofa will fit, what's the biggest component?

The biggest sofa component is usually the sofa arms, or the front or rear fascia. See the pictures under "components" and "click together" above. You should also take comfort from the fact that our sofas are designed to fit into difficult to access spaces. We've supplied hundreds and hundreds of sofas and corner sofas to our customers and never have had experience of a sofa not fitting into the space where the customer wanted it to be. That's why we provide our "Guaranteed to Fit" guarantee.


Q2. Are your sofas strong?

Our sofas are very strong. They've been designed using engineering techniques to be very strong and we believe they are stronger than traditional sofas. We've also never had a customer advise us of any problems with one of our sofas, you can check out the feedback we've received from our customers here, you can also see the extensive tests we've done on our sofas here.


Q3. Are your sofas comfortable?

A lot of people ask us if our sofas are comfortable or not. Whilst one person's view of comfort varies from another, we can categorically say that our sofas are comfortable - but don't just take our word for it, listen to the feedback that we receive from our customers.


Q4. What guarantees do you provide on your sofas?

We've included a detailed section on our website that covers the guarantees that we offer.


Q5. How difficult is it to assemble one of your sofas?

It's really very easy to assemble one of our sofas, sofa beds or corner sofas. The products are supplied with detailed graphical pictures and drawings that provide step by step instructions on how to assemble our products. We've found that it takes up to 1 hour to assemble a sofa, though some customers have told us they managed to assemble a sofa in 30 minutes. Corner Sofas typically take 1 to 2 hours to assemble - maybe quicker if you're practically minded. It’s also worth pointing out that we've received very good feedback from our customers regarding assembly of our product. And if you're the sort of person that shudders at the thought of assembly there's always our assembly service to consider.


Q6. Will it fit through my door?

We get a lot of questions that start “My door is only 40 inches (or less!) wide, will your sofa fit through it?” The answer is always yes! When you order one of our sofas you will receive a kit of the components and parts, the biggest individual part is always an arm or a sofa bed which will easily fit through the door if you can fit through the door.


Q7. Do the sofas come apart again after they have been assembled?

Yes. Our sofas are just as easy to disassemble as they are to assemble. It’s just the assembly process in reverse so you can take the sofa with you every time you move or change apartments.


Q8. Are the sofa covers removable?

Yes, all of our covers are removable which means that you can take them off for ease of cleaning or if you want a different look or wish to replace the covers. A new set of covers costs around 30% of the price of the sofa, a lot cheaper than buying a whole new sofa.